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Galina Palace was born and raised in the Soviet Union, where religion and spirituality were forced underground. The ideology of materialism and atheism, which the government strongly controlled, was what people believed in, and she was not an exception. Despite many inexplicable premonitions, she attributed all incidences of synchronicity in her life to accidental events. Galina  received her M.S. in Computer Science and worked as a programmer.

In 1990, she immigrated to the United States and continued in the same line of work. The following year, her cousin, who attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, asked Galina to help him do his homework, which involved practicing a healing technique he was learning. Though she agreed only out of curiosity, this moment became the point when her life moved in a different direction. Lying down on the table, she began to see images and realized that she could ask serious questions and get meaningful answers. Ms. Palace knew that these were not hallucinations because she was fully aware of where she was and knew that she could stop the flow of images at any time. The experience felt more like seeing and then taking part in films. Galina soon realized that her channeling gift had surfaced and began working with other people who could help her further develop her abilities. Eventually, she cleaned enough of her channel to communicate with the spiritual world as a psychic and medium. What is also extremely important is that she learned how to connect to other people's subconscious and help them understand the truth about themselves if they choose to. She holds Reiki Teacher/Master Certification from the Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington DC, and uses different energy healing modalities during her sessions.


Now Galina Palace lives with her husband and their poodle, Archie, in Florida. She has a son and step-daughter, who are also her closest friends.

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