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I have come to Galina for help and advice many times over the last 20 years. Each time, I walked away enriched, changed or, at the very least, equipped with enough food for thought and growth to keep me engaged in a constant state of evolution. Over the years, Galina has been instrumental in helping me to find a place of inner peace, to battle anxiety and depression, to lay a path to learning to love myself, and to build functional and satisfying relationships. I am eternally grateful for everything that Galina has helped me achieve and I plan to continue to seek out her wisdom for as long as she will offer it.

- S.M., Refugee Specialist


Galina has helped me resolve many issues over the years. Sessions with her made me realize simple truths that I was unable to see before. Her guidance is not always pleasant (at the time), but that is only because it makes you reevaluate yourself and change something whether you are ready or not. If you feel stuck in life or on a specific issue, Galina is the best person to go to for that proverbial “kick in the ass” that will change your life forever.

- A.P., Nurse


Galina has helped me to better know myself.
I would like to mention two aspects of this process:
The first is getting more clarity about what I already "kind-of-knew" about myself, and giving it structure and real knowledge. Doing this creates more self- confidence and shows both the strengths and the areas that need work.
The second aspect is to discover what I've never known about myself. This is a hard task to do alone because the ego gets in the way. With Galina's help, I am learning to better understand why I get into particular situations and interactions with people and I now have the tools to change this.

M.S., IT Project Manager


Over 20 years that I have been in touch with Galina I witnessed her emerging as a powerful psychic, visionary, spiritual medium and helper. In 2008, my life was shattered by an untimely death of my close friend and collaborator who had, and continues to have, a profound influence on my professional life, thinking and career. A few days after his death, Galina sent me a message from the other side that I view as my friend’s testament. Although Galina has never seen him, the message was amazingly authentic in terms of content; moreover, it even contained inimitable details of his personal style of communication and the ways he related to me. In 2009, I lost my mother, and again Galina offered me help as a medium and sent me my mother’s message of love and consolation that summarized the spiritual essence of my mother’s life and our relationship.

I have had numerous phone and face-to-face sessions with Galina. All of them were invariably deep, insightful and focused on the essence of our lives and the spiritual side of the problems we face, our misconceptions, fears and resistances. On many occasions I was noticing with great admiration how respectful she was of my spiritual privacy and how the force of her advice was tuned to my readiness to hear and accept it.

In summary, I feel blessed by Galina’s presence in my life. I am confident the same feeling will be experienced by everyone who will seek her spiritual guidance and counsel.

- L.H., Professor of Mathematics and Statistics


The answers I receive from Galina are always clear and often unexpected. But when I think about them, they make perfect sense.

- I.T., Real Estate Agent


Galina has helped me to see things clearer and provided clarity during one of the most difficult times of my life. During my meetings with Galina, I was able to clearly identify and see what I have been struggling to see for many years. Since then, I have been able to make much needed changes in my life.

- A.S., Regional  Supervisor

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