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1. Serve as a channel for your questions to the spirit world and bring you answers. These answers are not meant to replace your personal free will but will rather provide you with guidance for your decisions. In most cases, you will recognize these messages: they are what your intuition was trying to tell you all along. I hope that getting confirmation from a Higher Power will help you break your limiting habits and move toward your goals.

2. I will show you how to distinguish between what you believe deep inside about yourself vs what you think you believe. The former is the belief that rules your life. The latter only confuses and leads you away from your goals. I will help you identify and overcome those beliefs that prevent you from reaching the place where you want to be.

If you need to make an important decision and see several choices but cannot decide which road to travel, I will not instruct you on which choice to make. However, you will receive very clear pros and cons for every option you face, which will make your task much easier.

The only suggestion I have for my future clients is to be open to the truth. And remember, which path you choose to follow is always your ultimate choice. Some people move forward with this new knowledge about themselves, but if you are not ready, that is OK too. You may say to yourself: "Now I know the truth, but I am not ready to follow it. I need more time."

If the information you receive from me doesn't "click" immediately, give it time. You will recall it when you are ready.

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