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When you move into your new home or office, you need to ensure that your new environment works with you and not against you. There are two possibilities:

  • The home or office you moved into is brand new and never occupied. First, I will fill your home with light energy beneficial for you and your family. Next, I will help you write a list of qualities that every room should possess or events you would like to occur in any particular room. When doing this, ask yourself the following question: Is my wish list in sync with who I am today? For example, you may want to give beautiful parties in your living room, but if you have a hermit in your energetic blueprint, asking for huge parties in your house is unrealistic. Your energetic field lasts as long as you live there and is much stronger than the energy with which I may fill your home.

  • Somebody else occupied the space you are moving into. In this case, I will need to clean out all the energetic remnants left by the previous owners or occupants. It helps if you know the history of the place, particularly if some dramatic events took place recently, such as death, illness, violence, etc. When the space is "cleaned," I will be able to proceed to the next step described in part 1 above—filling your space with the energy you desire.

When you buy used - especially antique - furniture or accessories, I recommend inviting me "to clean" these items from whatever imprint has been left on them by their previous owners.

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